All About You

90-Minute Personal Session


Create a Dream and Catch it

Six (90-Minute) Session Package


Hear YOU Roar

Nine (90-Minute) Session Package

Mentor Program

Master Heart Mentor Program
Inner adventure challenge
A heart-centered exploration into the realm of becoming a more active ‘maker’ of your life forward. An inner self-journey with an outward expression. 12-Weeks In Community

What others have experienced

Belief Pattern Shift

In session, we unearthed a childhood experience that held me in a belief pattern. As I honored the childhood hurt, I was able to shift the story. I have since had a domino drop of emotions that cascaded & released from the session. I am so very grateful for the shift that Jean fostered. I love the gentle method of healing and would recommend it to anyone.


Reiki Master

Jean Dougherty
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