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Powerful and profound

Jean’s healing touched me in a powerful and profound way. I was surprised how effortlessly connected it felt in a virtual environment — a testament to the depth of her skill, experience, and ascended mastery.

Mary, M.A, Behavioral Sciences (group healing presentation participant)


The sweetest healing process

The first time I allowed myself to express a side of my femininity and it feels really good to do it now! It’s the sweetest healing process I’ve ever experienced. (And since I’ve followed many paths, that’s saying a lot.)

Christine (Therapist)


The healing was so palpable

Jean was incredible. She was easy to open up to during our session. We rebalanced the dynamics within my family line and established a proper flow of energy. We uncovered the root cause that was creating a sense of emotional hardness where there really should be loving, openhearted connections. Cannot recommend her enough. The healing was so palpable.



New insights

My session was amazing – it opened up a door for me. There are many invaluable insights to be gained.

I. L.



Grateful for the session. I really found it helpful. I went so deep and believe healing is happening!



Insightful and revealing

My session was insightful and revealing. I am grateful for the messages. I sense things shifting within. Jean is so precious in her talent and gift.




The session, the notes, the way this followed up from what I experienced during your group healing — all very significant.



Belief Pattern Shift

In session, we unearthed a childhood experience that held me in a belief pattern. As I honored the childhood hurt, I was able to shift the story. I have since had a domino drop of emotions that cascaded & released from the session. I am so very grateful for the shift that Jean fostered. I love the gentle method of healing and would recommend it to anyone.


Reiki Master

Financial Shift

Jean is an intelligent healer with a beautiful synthesis of deep listening, acceptance, humility, and wise guidance. I felt calm and grounded by new insight after the session — And — not long after the session, a family member made a profound change that benefited the entire family—it was nothing short of a miracle, and I know Jean’s powerful work was instrumental in organizing a positive shift. I trust Jean and suggest you don’t wait for a session with her!

R. L.

Actress, Los Angeles

Writer’s Block

My session with Jean was incredible. She helped me move through a significant writer’s block and helped me heal some issues. Jean drew on several modalities including dream work & constellation work for a lovely session and outcome.


CMO, Growth Coach & Author

Renewed Sense of Belonging

Jean is an amazing healer who made me feel comfortable and seen. I immediately felt the positive impact of the session — for the first time I felt I belonged in my family — an illusive sense of ‘welcoming to the world’ that had plagued me most of my life. Now my relationship with my parents is more natural and close. I highly recommend working with Jean, she’s a gem.

Erika L.

Teacher, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist

Clarity and Direction in Business

Working with Jean helped me find clarity and direction in growing my digital marketing business. Before meeting Jean, I felt very unsure of who my ideal client was and what services I should offer, even though I studied branding and marketing extensively for a long time. Mentally, I knew what I should do, but somehow nothing felt right.

I came into the Family Constellation session with an open mind, not sure what to expect. During the next several weeks after that session, a few very subtle but fundamental shifts took place. I suddenly found the answers I was looking for. The decisions I am making based on those new awarenesses make sense business-wise AND they feel right, in my gut and in my heart. Thank you Jean for your magic and for helping bring forth the answers I was seeking.

Masha G.

Designer, Marketing Consultant, Virginia

Jean is always full of surprises


Attorney, Lithuania

I have been able to recognize my patterns

Months after my session with Jean, I am still in awe. I have been able to recognize my patterns and now make different choices to create new experiences.

Lo M.

Channel & Dream Interpreter, Chippewa Cree Nation

Jean is Awesome

F. D.

President, Software Company, Kirkland

Writing Renewal

My session with Jean was fascinating. She is truly a gifted healer.

E. B.

Actress, Author, Los Angeles / New York

Heart Opening

… As I cleared a pattern I had been repeating from the past, I had a massive heart opening that is helping me to deepen my gifts. If you are feeling stuck, I highly recommend Jean.


Event Planner & Mother

When you are ready to heal deeper

Jean is a Spiritual Therapist — She’s a real compliment to traditional methods of healing emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even financially. If you’re ready to heal deeper.

A. T.


Jean Dougherty
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